Have you noticed anything lately about certain ad campaigns in Chicago? One of the oddest campaigns is Drinkcessorize, brought to you by McDonald’s. The ad campaign depicts McDonald’s beverage cups along with models using them as “drinkcessories”. The campaign has gotten mixed reviews from many people, ranging from various reasons. “The guys are hot”, says one interviewee, “but that doesn’t make me want to buy any McDonald’s drinks”. “The ad campaign sucks a@%”, says another interviewee. Well, you’re the reader, and you decide for yourself, is drinkcessorize the next big thing or the newest big flop? Here are some pictures to help you decide.



                                         LUNCHTIME                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Does Phoenix receive more french fries than the cadets of the Marine side of Grant Campus? We have asked a few Marine cadets and believe that they do NOT care, but did not hesitate to laugh at the questions we asked. The Phoenix quacks chose not to be involved in the interviews so we let bygones be bygones. Although, the Marine cadets demand that the food must be changed due to their complaints about the pizza and bread tasting like paper bags and card board boxes. They are also appalled on the fact that lunchprices go up 25 cents every year and in the year 2009 they were already overpriced, many cadets say that they would rather take their chances at getting stabbed in the McDonalds on Madison and Western than pay for the lunch at school. Leave a comment below on whether you would pay for the lunch at MMSA l, we would like you to voice your opinion, even if you aren’t an MMSA cadet. There you have it MMSA, some people just want to watch the world burn.



  1. the pizza taste like cardboard and red cryon

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